Our Favorite Resurants

Our Favorite Resurants

Whether you’re an enjoyer of good food or an outright self-proclaimed food connoisseur, our team at H Hotel will guide you through the City of Angels’ most mouth-watering, unforgettable and affordable meals. Located in a prime hotspot just minutes away from Los Angeles’ most sought-after restaurants, H Hotel is equipped with the knowledge and passion to satisfy your most insatiable cravings.

Lovers of hot foods and noodles, rejoice: first on our list is a locally favorited ramen joint. Slurpin’ Ramen Bar (https://www.yelp.com/biz/slurpin-ramen-bar-los-angeles), located less than a mile from H Hotel, is your go-to for a quick, delicious and affordable meal. Packed with menu items that include not only ramen, but other delicious bites such as potstickers, fried baby octopus and soft shell crab, this joint unquestionably has something to satisfy your appetite. And at just a three minute drive from H Hotel, it’s one you’ll have to try out.

If you’re looking to satisfy a comfort food craving, H Hotel has got you covered. H Hotel is just a mile away from the hot dog experts of LA, Myungrang Hot Dog-California Market LA (https://www.yelp.com/biz/myungrang-hot-dog-california-market-la-los-angeles?osq=affordable+ food). Whether you’re a lover of the classic hot dog, or looking for a more experimental meal, you’ll find it here. Offering delicacies such as squid ink hot dogs, potato hot dogs and mozzarella sausages, and only a 6 minute drive from H Hotel, you’ll be sure to leave as stuffed as you are satisfied.

Lovers of sushi, H Hotel has got you covered. Introducing you to The Kimbap, (https://www.yelp.com/biz/the-kimbap-los-angeles?osq=affordable+food) a delicious joint specializing in Korean sushi. Try out their wide variety of options, which include kimbap of all flavors and meat combinations, as well as other favorite options such as kimchi fried rice. As if it couldn’t get any better, you’ll be happy to know that this spot is just a 7 minute drive from H Hotel.

When in the heart of Koreatown, us foodies at H Hotel can’t forget one of the town’s most prized jewels – Korean Barbecue. Hae Jang Chon Korean BBQ is a local favorite, boasting a plethora of delicious, high quality meat, all for an affordable price. Try out their tender brisket, succulent pork belly, delicate pork shoulder, and even their marinated short rib. For a flat rate, feel free to eat to your heart’s content. Located a mile from H Hotel, you’ll leave rest-assured that your post-meal nap is just a 5 minute drive away.

For those looking for a more comforting, hearty meal, look no further. Broken Mouth, otherwise known as Lee’s Homestyle (https://www.eatbrokenmouth.com/ourmenu) , is locally famous for its unique twist on traditional Hawaiian meals. With a vibrant menu including mouthwatering items such as potato mac n cheese salad, spam musubi and brioche bread pudding, they have whatever you’re craving. Enjoy some classic favorite while surrounded in a pleasantly warm atmosphere – all just a 12 minute drive from H Hotel.

A true foodie list just wouldn’t be complete without a spectacular deli. H Hotel presents to you Brothers Sandwich Shop, an independently owned joint specializing in expertly crafted sandwiches. On an average day, you can find the employees slicing fresh produce, meats and cheeses, to be later fashioned into monstrous, appetizing subs. Whether you’re a classic meat-and-cheese lover or you’re a more adventurous diner, looking for a bahn mi sandwich or a loaded, vinaigrette-doused Italian sub, Brothers Sandwich Shop is ready to fulfill your sandwich dreams. Just two streets down from H Hotel, it’s a joint you’ll have to check out during your stay.

Don’t worry – we here at H Hotel understand that some of you simply aren’t satisfied with a classic sub. That’s why we’re including The Bun Shop on our list. Located in the heart of Koreatown, the Bun Shop (http://www.thebunshopla.com) is your one-stop-shop for all of your most exquisite bun cravings. Delicious steamed buns with any filling your imagination could dream of – braised beef, slow roasted barbecue pork belly, spicy chicken, spam, even tempura avocado – The Bun Shop is here to stuff you to satisfaction. (Also, if you’re going on a more adventurous route, try out their crispy pork or spam n eggs burger – served on grilled brioche buns.) Delicious, affordable and less than two miles away from H Hotel – your trip won’t be complete until you’ve given the Bun Shop a try.

Last on our list is a cuisine which reigns superior in the hearts of many food lovers. Ktown Pho, located just one mile from H Hotel, is a local favorite for many reasons. With an exceptional broth that pairs perfectly with their high quality meats and herbs, this pho is highly regarded by locals as being the best one in the area. With unmistakable quality and great prices, it’s a must-visit for all food lovers. Take it from us at H Hotel – we’ve been in Los Angeles our entire lives, and we’d bet our taste buds on this.

H Hotel encourages you to explore the hidden jewels of Koreatown. We hope this list will satisfy your cravings and inspire you to indulge in the city’s most prized delicacies. Should your heart desire even more options, worry not – we’ll be updating our list and posting more suggestions soon, ranging from food joints to shopping to activities of all sorts – so keep an eye out. To assure you don’t miss out on the city’s most promising locations, enter your email below, and we’ll make sure that you’re the first to know when we discover another gem.