Welcome to H by H Hospitality

If you’re looking for a firsthand experience into the glamorous, unmistakably magnetic heart of Los Angeles, look no further. Welcome to H by H Hospitality, a not-so-humble abode that feels like your whimsical home away from home. Whether the escape you’re looking for is an unforgettable or a regrettable one, we’ve got you covered. Leave your worries at the door, and let us show you just what it means to live among the City of Angels.


Indulge in our unparalleled mid-century modern aesthetic. Lose yourself between fantasy and reality over expertly crafted cocktails. Satisfy your palate with our award-winning Chef's exceptional brunch creations. When night falls, look no further for morally questionable midnight adventures - as LA locals, we know your heart's forbidden desires. From dusk to dawn, H Hospitality is your guide to LA's darkest and most enchanting escapades, whether you seek a wife or escape. We have the answers your soul craves.