Clubs & Nightlife

Clubs & Nightlife

When traveling to Los Angeles, there is what seems like a limitless array of things to do and sights to see. But, as lifelong residents in the City of Angels, we here at H Hotel know that with every bustling life comes a healthy balance of party; so we’ve gone ahead and curated a list of all of the best night clubs in LA. Whether you’re looking for a night that you’ll never forget, a night you’ll never remember or a envy-worthy pick-me-up for your Instagram feed, this list of the best after-hours in Los Angeles has a little something for the partier in all of us.

First on our list is the unmistakable Nightingale Plaza. Known for its ultra-chic modern decor, this hot-spot is one for all lovers of the luxurious lifestyle. Indulge in top-tier drinks from their brightly lit bar or get comfortable on the mass array of lounge chairs; this club is one that appeals to the likes of both the quiet and the party-enthusiasts. At an approximate 20 minute drive from H Hotel, Nightingale Plaza is the perfect venue for those craving the true Los Angeles party experience.

Up next is one hot-spot you absolutely can’t miss if you’re truly looking for one of the best nightclubs in Los Angeles: the infamous 1Oak. Located on the Sunset Strip and roughly 25 minutes from H Hotel, 1Oak is the destination to get a glimpse into the most enticing after-hours in LA. Known for its exclusivity, primary location and breath-taking interior, you’ll be sure to drink and dance with friends all night long. And if you by any chance get tired of that, head downstairs and lose yourself among the Instagram-friendly, mirror-adorned walls. You’ll be sure to have the night of a lifetime at 1Oak.

We wouldn’t be truly capturing the spirit of Hollywood if we didn’t include one of its original hot-spots: the glamorous Bootsy Bellows. Also located on Sunset Strip, Bootsy Bellows has been known for years as being one of the most enticing, exciting clubs in Los Angeles. Having undergone a recent transformation, Bootsy Bellows now boasts an ultra-luxurious interior, adorned with chic lounge chairs and a chandelier-embellished ceiling. At just 23 minutes from H Hotel, for all of our partiers out there seeking a unique, cocktail-fueled experience, this is undoubtedly the destination for you.

Another one of the best night clubs in LA is the unrivaled Warwick. Known for its exclusivity as well as glamor and unparalleled interior, Warwick is unquestionably the go-to for those seeking an unforgettable LA clubbing experience. Indulge in their ever-changing glamorous interior – and do so while you can, as you can expect the look of the club to completely transform every 6 months. In addition to its intriguing qualities, Warwick is only 16 minutes from H Hotel – so we highly recommend if you’re seeking the best party in LA, this hot-spot takes the top of your list.

Adventurers, travelers and partiers alike, H Hotel introduces you to Dream Hollywood: an ultra-luxurious glimpse into the heart of Hollywood’s party scene. Easily identified by its signature purple glow, Dream Hollywood has granted itself the title of one of Hollywood’s most sought-after after hours. Head to the rooftop to join the day party or just get drinks at the Highlight room. If you’re hungry, they’re home to highly sought-after spots including Beauty & Essex and Tao Asian Bistro. If you’re not quite partied-out yet, head over to Avenue to jump into one of Hollywood’s most thrilling parties. If you’ve gone the whole night and are still craving another round of fun, there’s no doubt that Avenue has got you covered. Known for its primary location as well as its incredible interior designs, Avenue is a guaranteed spot for those looking to sing, dance and drink all night. And here’s some good news for all the fellow party-goers: at just 14 minutes from H Hotel, we just might see you there, too.

There’s unquestionably a vast array of sources to look to when trying to find the absolute best nightclubs in LA. Thankfully, we here at H Hotel were born and raised here, and we’ve made sure that our list includes only the hottest destinations which will guarantee you and your squad an unforgettable night. We thank you for trusting us with your travelling experience, and look forward to letting you know firsthand when we discover the city’s newest dream destinations.